ERP system is an easy-to-use, bilingual, highly efficient system that uses Microsoft SQL Data Bases to execute a number of operations simultaneously. SGS has developed ERB system through an efficient professional team of financial analysts and experts in financial and information technology.

This comprehensive system provides high-accuracy, speed, and state-of-the-art modern science in terms of manufacturing resources planning, material requirement planning, and warehouse and analysis systems. The objectives of the system include: Develop a flexible and multi-fiscal-years guide to measure and analyze performance. Measure performance efficiently, identify strengths and weaknesses, analyze and compare yearly performance. Improve the organization's performance by means of analysis, which leads to lower costs, increased production, and decreased inventory. Provide high accuracy in data and prevent human errors. The system comprises: Teacher system, inventory system, sales system, procurement system, and fixed assets system. Production system, cash management system, personnel and payroll system, and budget system